Tech and Start Ups

Success of startups is absolutely contingent on having the proper legal guidance as soon as possible. The ideal is to have legal advice from the very beginning – but it’s never too late to obtain legal assistance in helping your new company. At Guardian Legal Consultants, our goal is to work with start-ups every step of the way, and will ensure that all the legal provisions in and safeguards are in place, so that the founders can focus on one thing – growing their company. Whether an entrepreneur needs to get incorporated and organized, have the organizational agreements prepared, or help facilitate funding to make sure their rights and interests are protected, we at Guardian Legal Consultants can help.

These days, companies involved in “tech” or referred to as “startups” are perceived to be companies within an industry focused on rapid and constant invention and innovation. As such, the expectation is that in order to succeed in this fast-spaced, demanding, and ever-changing world, tech companies, or startups, need to be bold and strive to take new risks. The law, however, is much more slow to adapt to this rapid world, and the law keeps constantly evolving. A tech company could find itself liable under certain regulations that it had no idea even applied to it. At Guardian Legal Consultants, we make a point to stay aware of the current laws and determine how to apply them to your advantage. This means that your technology, and your company, not only don’t have to worry about infringing the law, but can harness it to your advantage. In the dynamic world of tech, Guardian Legal Consultants can not just have you comply with the law, but can have the law comply with you.


Both Jasdeep and Daniel are exactly what a client can hope for when it comes to their lawyer. They were diligent and eager to help me in a moment of personal crisis. They were strategic and detail oriented which allowed me to be successful in court. I would highly recommend dealing with the Guardian Legal team they truly are Guardian's and stand up for what is right. Their professionalism and client service is second to none. Highly recommend.​
Henri Miller
Toronto, CA
Excellent lawyers. Hard working and highly specialized for their area of practice.​
Sean Robichaud