About Us

A practical approach to law

Guardian Legal Consultants is a boutique law firm that offers individuals and businesses creative, effective, and practical legal solutions across a broad swath of practice areas and truly bespoke legal services.

Guardian Legal Consultants strives to move beyond the traditional model of providing legal services in order to better serve client demands. In today’s fast-paced and demanding global economy, the legal industry continues to be plagued by archaic processes and is unreceptive to change. Guardian Legal Consultants seeks to highlight the importance of innovating and adapting to dynamic client needs by utilizing an evolved approach to providing legal services – one that is practical, streamlined, efficient and innovative. This approach includes a responsible corporate philosophy, technological applications that increase efficiency, unique and flexible pricing structures, and collaborative problem-solving tactics. By applying this approach to serving clients, the lawyers at Guardian Legal Consultants begin to carry many of the characteristics of a strategy consultant who works with the client every step of the way. In short, Guardian Legal Consultants aim to help its clients –  in every sense.


We provide “consulting” services whenever possible, meant to arm the individual or business with the necessary understanding of the law and a practical action plan in order to navigate a situation without the need for formal representation. We work with clients to structure their various options – always with the goal of providing simple, efficient, and practical solutions. Clients can then take action with confidence knowing that Guardian is on-hand to help determine the next step to take. 


When necessary, Guardians’ team of lawyers are fully equipped to fight for their clients, from informal negotiations to formal court proceedings. We strive to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to ensure the lawyer-client relationship is iron-clad in all respects and at every stage. 

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